Badger Games Headed to Huzzah! 2019

Maine is a beautiful state and Huzzah! is a convention we continually hear about. It’s a good distance from our Milwaukee HQ. Many of you will know Badger Team member Tiara from the many Cons we attend. The combination of her moving out East and a wonderful invite from the very kind staff at Huzzah and we were hooked!

We are very excited to be attending Huzzah! 2019. Badger will be bringing a host of miniatures from Ancients to Dark Ages to Victorian Colonials to WWII. Gripping Beast, Foundry, The Assault Group, Crusader, Artizan, Great Escape Games, Pontoonier and many more.

We will also have rules and miniatures for the outstanding new SAGA “Age of Magic” game for you to peruse.