It's back! After a year off, the 2018 Pendraken Painting Competition opens to entries on July 1st and will run all the way through until the end of the month. Our previous competitions have been a fantastic showcase for what can be done in this scale and we're looking forward to seeing the entries this year.

As mentioned, the competition will run throughout July, giving everyone ample time to get your entries posted but make sure you've got it done by midnight on July 31st

We've made some changes to the category rules this year, allowing a larger number of figures in the foot and mounted categories now. This means that you can line up a full unit of several bases and enter them together.


Foot - Pre-20th C. - Max: 40 figures, on either a single base, multiple bases, or in a movement tray.
Foot - 20th C. - Max: 40 figures, on either a single base, multiple bases, or in a movement tray.
Mounted - Max: 20 figures, on either a single base, multiple bases, or in a movement tray.
Vehicle - Min: 1 / Max: 3 vehicles on or off bases.
Fantasy & Sci-Fi - Max: 40 figures, on either a single base, multiple bases, or in a movement tray.
Open - Single Base - Anything which doesn't fit into the other categories, with a max base size of 100x100mm. This could be a command base, a single figure, artillery base, etc.
Open - Army - Anything which is larger than the maximums in the other categories, so multiple units or a whole army.

If you're unsure which category to put your entry in, let us know what it is, and we'll point you in the right direction!

Rules - Please Read!

- Firstly, all figures must be Pendraken. Conversions are allowed, but only on our figures.

1. You must be a Forum member to enter, but other than that, everyone is welcome!

2. You may enter as many times as you like but each entry is only allowed 2 images (except for the 'Army!' category, see below). We do not allow montage images anymore, just to keep a level playing field. You can however edit your two images into a single file for the sake of uploading/hosting them. If you have any difficulty posting pics, they can be emailed to Pendraken and we'll put them up for you.

3. The 'Open - Army!' category may have 5 photo's, as it's difficult to cover a whole army with just a single photo!

4. All entries must be your own work, and have not been entered into any online competitions before.

5. Entries should have been completed in the time since the last competition (February 2016), so we hope you've all been busy!

6. You can post WIP (work-in-progress) photos if you wish, but please create a new thread for these. You can also post extra photos of your work elsewhere on the Forum. These will not count towards your competition entry.

7. This year, the winners will be decided by the Forum members! Once the closing deadline has passed, we'll put up a poll thread for each category where our members can vote on who they want to win. The polls will close 7 days later and the winners will be announced.

8. Competition threads will be created on the opening date, purely for your entries.

9. Pendraken may use your pics in future promo/marketing, catalogue covers or web pics. Entering gives your permission for your pics to be used.

And now the good bit, the prizes! We don't have any third-party prizes this time around, so we've bumped up the prize pots instead! The winners and runners-up in each category will now receive the following:

- The Winner of each category will receive £40 worth of Pendraken/Minibits credit!
- The Runner-Up of each category will receive £20 worth of Pendraken/Minibits credit!

So, key points:

Competition opens - July 1st!
Closing deadline - Midnight, July 31st!

There's still time to order any extra figures you need, so get your orders in to us asap to make sure they arrive in good time!

And that should be it, if there's any questions, let us know!