After a time resting in the 'Out of Print' side of town, I am very pleased to able to announce the release of a new edition of the Nick Dorrell's Polemos Great Northern War rules.

The essentials of the rules remain the same from Nick's original set, the main changes have come in reformatting them to current Polemos standards and improving layout to make them easier to read and to use.

The rules are available in a printed format for £17.50 or on our Rules onna stick as pdf files for £10.00.   You can also download them from Wargames Vault.

The pdf version comes in two formats;  a black and white edition which is suitable for printing and a colour copy for use on tablets and smartphones.   The latter version is hyperlinked throughout making navigation and referencing extremely quick and simple.

The reintroduction of the rules also means that we can make another of our period starter boxes available.

If you fancy starting what is a fascinating and completely engaging wargames period, then look no further.  You can find more details from here.