The next batch of new releases to arrive on the website are these three 6mm Medical Centres, one each in the Desert Buildings, Research Base and Moonbase ranges.

Desert Medical Centre
Research Base Medical Centre
Moonbase Medical Centre

These models are the first in our new Macmillan charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. All of the models will be listed in the ranges in which they belong, and there is also a separate page for the range, which we’ve christened the Surgeon General range, which will bring all of the models together. We’ll update the page as we go along with how much money we’ve raised (we’re not expecting to raise a fortune, but every little helps).

B300-148 – Desert Medical Centre – £3.50
B300-507 – Research Base Medical Centre – £2.00
B300-606 – Moonbase Medical Centre – £3.00