Blitzkrieg Commander!

Most folks will know by now that we acquired the rights to the Commander series of rulesets earlier this year and we've now started the process of revamping them.  First on the operating table will be Blitzkrieg Commander, and we're aiming for a reprint and release around January/February of 2016.  The rules are currently away with Steve Hardy (author of Warband) and we should have the first draft with us before the end of the year.

In the meantime, we're asking for any feedback/suggestions/input from previous and potential gamers, anything you think worked, anything which might need a tweak, etc.  Our number one aim with this process is to keep intact the Blitzkrieg Commander rules that so many people have enjoyed and played for years, but give them a modern refresh.  We'd love to hear all of your views, so head over to the Forum and add your thoughts in the new Blitzkrieg Commander section.


Latest Releases!

We've released a whole load of new goodies over the past few months and that's continuing into October as well.  So far this month we've added:

> Flodden Expansion - As part of a customer-led project, we've added an extra 22 codes to our 16th Century English/Scots range.


In The Pipeline!

After we started taking your suggestions on them last month, we've already had the first batch of WWII Polish through from the sculptor.  We'll have a couple more batches before the end of the year, then we'll just need to add the gun pieces from our other modeller.

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