TWB Chapter 9 opens the second part of the rulebook and offers a lot of rules for specific types of models. Smash petty foes and send them flying like a Sauron or stampede them into dust like a herd of rampaging gnus; squash the meek and ram the worthy ones head-on.

While dominating the land, it is no longer safe to neglect the skies. Flying deathbringers will pluck out unfortunates' eyes while bigger ones will snatch riders or even horses from the ground only to send them screaming and tumbling through the air towards wet and splashy doom. This is but the icing on the cake.

For the main dish Tabletop Wargames Builder actually takes your battles beyond the table. Literally. The concept of the Sky featured in this section allows flyers soaring high above to pick any target on or off the battlefield, meaning no one is out of harm's way anymore. Bombers hum ominously preparing to drop their payload and fighters from both sides zoom towards each other to engage in games of cat and mouse.

Tabletop wargames just got a whole new dimension.

Oh, and there is cavalry too!