Die Fighting II Pre-­orders have all shipped, as well as all orders up until yesterday December 2nd, 2014. Thanks to all of you for your excellent response, by far the best I have ever had!

Die fighting II is a multi-­media, multi-­period DVD rule set covering Horse and Musket warfare from 1699-­1902 and containing a one hour video that teaches the rules, plus a slideshow in both PDF and Quick Time formats that may be used to review the text of the rules and may be loaded unto a tablet for table side reference. Also included are printable PDFs for phase cards used in play, five period specific templates, a rules summary cross referenced to the video and the slideshows, OOB, rating info, and several other player aids.

Die Fighting II is scalable to any number of players, may be used for any scale figure, and accommodates any mounting system. Its flexibility is unique. The rules produce a game that is fun and resolves to a certain conclusion in about four hours.