Magnetic sheets back in stock
I have, at last, sourced magnetic sheet of the quality I wanted and now have those back on sale. Inevitably this means another price rise but I'm still cheaper than the competition.

Health News
It is now a year since my cancer op and I've had a series of tests & scans as part of the usual follow-up. Happy to say they have found no evidence of it coming back. However, I still haven't made a full recovery as yet so I will have to bite the bullet and admit that I can't do some of the stuff that I used to do.
The dust from cutting bases necessitated me wearing a mask that restricted my breathing significantly and I have been advised that I shouldn't carry on doing that. This means that I will not be putting magnetic bases back into production. I'm sorry that I'm not able to continue to provide them again and thank all my customers over the years, particularly the regulars.

Other News
I'm expecting some additions to the For Sale pages soon too. Not sure what exactly as I haven't had the details yet but hoping to get the first items up next week.
I have a new range of ACW flags all designed but it will take a few weeks to get them laid out on sheets for printing so probably April for those.