We are pleased to announce the release of two new products to our handmade terrain.

First of is a pack of six rocky outcrops, this is the first pack of a new range we are working on Barren Wastes.
Priced at £12.00 GBP

Although these have been made for 15mm scale they are very generic and can be used for most scales up to 20mm.
One piece is 175mm at it longest point and 100mm at its widest point.
One piece 110mm by 90mm
There are two pieces that are 70mm x 60mm
Two pieces that are 50mm x 42mm.

Next is a new hill in our premium range. Priced at £22.00 GBP

This hill is 11″x 9″ and is roughly 80mm thick. It has very steep sides.
It has a rock faced area which covers the whole of one side, and gradually decreases along its length.
The hill is painted Brown, the rock face and stony areas are painted Grey.
Finished with a Green flock and clump foliage on the rocky outcrops.

Many thanks for looking,