What happened?

TWW was sharing a server with many other sites and TWW has so many processes that it was hogging a lot of the CPU of the server, it was at peak times causing the other sites on that server to crash.
Clearly this was no good, so a new shared server that specialises in WordPress sites (this is a WordPress site) was located and the site moved to it.
However despite the hosting company saying that this server would be fine it was not, it was in fact woefully bad.

So a new solution had to be found.
TWW is now on its own server which seems to have done the trick.
The downsides are that it took 48 hours to get back online, for this you have my most sincere apologies, and that it cost a small fortune.

Currently it is still not working correctly as I have NO access to my e-mails. (EDIT: I do now)
So if you need to contact me for anything please do so via my Angel Barracks e-mail: [email protected]