As the owner of Good Ground, LLC there is one question I am asked most often. How does Cracker Line and Plank Road compare to X line of 10mm ACW figures. Will they match well enough to use on the same bases, in the same regiments or on the battlefield togther? The following pics are my attempt to answer these questions.

This shot is for reference, but I purposely used a model of the Snodgrass House from Buildings in Turmoil as a backdrop. His line of builings look great with my figures.

Four different lines of figures are used in this shot. My own Cracker Line and Plank Road, Magister Militum and the new ACW line from Pendraken, NOT THE OLDER LINE.

A shot from the rear will give you added perspective.

Here I have removed some of the lines for a clearer view.

This group of figures shows only Cracker Line and Plank Road. Thanks to Roger Mark for this shot.

This final shot shows the "Between the Lines" models 10mm Cemetery Gatehouse with plenty of Cracker Line and Plank Road figures in the picture.

I hope this allays any fears one might have in using the most popular 10mm lines together with my figures. As the owner of Good Ground, it is my goal to offer the customer a full line of options for troop types. I will continue to expand the lines until almost all variants are covered. At Good Ground, we are committed to quality and service. Please check the figures out by visiting my web site.