Latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland arrive at Fighting 15s

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases are all in 1:600 scale (3mm) and include:

CH-615 PTL-02 TD wheeled tank destroyer and PLL-05 SPM self-propelled mortar
FR-623 AMX VTT armoured personnel carrier on AMX-13 tank chassis
MN-636 M41-DK1 Danish modified Walker Bulldog tank
SA-6115 MT-LBM 6MB, MT-LB with 30mm gun
SA-6116 SA-15 Gauntlet (9K330 Tor) short-range SAM system
UK-636 Land Rover 101FC 4×4 truck
US-693 M60 AVLB assault bridge on M60 tank chassis
US-694 AV-8B Harrier II VTOL ground attack aircraft

World War II
WUS-649 P-51D Mustang fighter
WWH-6110 Panzer II Ausf L Luchs German light recon tank
Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website (typically 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft). For convenience, the releases are listed for a short time in the new arrivals section.