After a very successful Not-Kickstarter campaign to fund their design, we're very pleased to announce that our new 1809 Confederation states are now available!  Covering Hesse-Darmstadt, Saxony, Warsaw and Wurttemberg, this group rounds out our 1809 ranges nicely.

As well as the figures we've also got flags for each state (courtesy of Tony Hughes) and we've also put together a handy starter pack for each range as well, to get you going with your new armies.

1809 Napoleonics
Hesse Darmstadt
NHD1   Line/fusilier, march attack   £5.25
NHD2   Line/fusilier, firing line   £5.25
NHD3   Line/fusilier command   £5.25
NHD4   Mounted officers (5)    £1.75
NHD5   Chevaux-Legers   £5.25
NHD6   6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew (3)   £5.25
NHD7   7” Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew (3)   £5.25
NHD8   Limbers with team (2)   £5.25
PNFL514   Hesse-Darmstadt flags   £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NHD1.  1 x NHD2, 3, 5, 6   £33.00

NSA1   Line infantry, march attack   £5.25
NSA2   Line infantry, firing line   £5.25
NSA3   Line command   £5.25
NSA4   Grenadiers, march attack, inc. command (16)   £2.80
NSA5   Leib Grenadiers, inc. command   £5.25
NSA6   Schutzen, march attack, inc. command (16)   £2.80
NSA7   Schutzen, firing, inc. command (16)   £2.80
NSA8   Mounted officers (5)    £1.75
NSA9   Light cavalry   £5.25
NSA10   Heavy cavalry   £5.25
NSA11   Hussars   £5.25
NSA12   6pdr guns (SYW) with crew (3)   £5.25
NSA13   7” Howitzers (SYW) with crew (3)   £5.25
NSA14   Limbers with team (2)   £5.25
PNFL515   Saxony flags, sheet 1   £2.50
PNFL516   Saxony flags, sheet 2   £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NSA1.  1 x NSA3, 5, 9, 12   £33.00

Duchy of Warsaw
NDW1   Line/fusiliers, march attack (czapska)   £5.25
NDW2   Line/fusiliers, firing line (czapska)   £5.25
NDW3   Line/fusiliers command (czapska)   £5.25
NDW4   Line Elites (Volt/Gren), march attack (16) (czapska)   £2.80
NDW5   Line Elites (Volt/Gren), firing line (16) (czapska)   £2.80
NDW6   Line Elites (Grenadier), march attack (16) (bearskin)   £2.80
NDW7   Mounted officer (5)    £1.75
NDW8   Uhlans   £5.25
NDW9   Uhlan Elites (    £2.80
NDW10   6pdr (SYW) with foot crew (3)   £5.25
NDW11   6pdr (SYW) with horse crew (3)   £5.25
NDW12   7” Howitzer (SYW) with foot crew (3)   £5.25
NDW13   7” Howitzer (SYW) with horse crew (3)   £5.25
NDW14   Limbers with team (2)   £5.25
PNFL517   Duchy of Warsaw flags   £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NDW1.  1 x NDW4, 5, 8, 10   £33.00

NWU1   Line/fusilier, march attack   £5.25
NWU2   Line/fusilier, firing line   £5.25
NWU3   Line/fusilier command   £5.25
NWU4   Leichtes, inc. command   £5.25
NWU5   Mounted officers (5)   £1.75
NWU6   Grenadiers (16)   £2.80
NWU7   Jager, inc. command   £5.25
NWU8   Chevaux-Leger   £5.25
NWU9   Jager zu Pferd   £5.25
NWU10   6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25
NWU11   12pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25
NWU12   7pdr Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew   £5.25
NWU13   Limbers with team (2)   £5.25
PNFL518   Wurttemberg flags   £2.50
Army Pack: 3 x NWU1, 1 x NWU3, 4, 8, 10   £33.00

And a selection of pics:

Hesse-Darmstadt line/fusiliers, firing line:

Hesse-Darmstadt Chevau-Legers:

Saxony line infantry:

Saxony Leib Grenadiers:

Saxony Hussars:

Warsaw line/fusilier command:

Warsaw line Elites in bearskin:

Warsaw Uhlans:

Warsaw 6pdr guns with horse crew:

Wurttemberg line/fusiliers, march attack:

Wurttemberg Leichtes:

Wurttemberg Jager zu Pferd:

We'd like to thank Forum member Zippee for all of his help with the reference material for this range, we really appreciate his input and support on this project.  Next up will be another treat for the Napoleonic gamers with a selection of casualty figures arriving in the next week or so.  After that we'll be releasing our Indian Mutiny range!