Things on the release front have been a bit quiet recently while we're working on BKC-III, but Dave's been steadily building a stack of new vehicles on the desk so I thought it was about time to get them released.  The news title is a bit misleading though as a lot of these are revamps, with some new vehicles thrown in as well.

For the Brits, we've got some more Sherman revamps, plus two new M3 Stuarts with the early rivet and later turrets.  Moving to artillery, we've done a bit of work on the 25pdr and added the earlier version with the muzzle brake.

On the German side, the new Panther models are all ready and released, as well as a rather random Beobachtungspanzer version, of which there was only one produced!  So naturally, most folks will need at least 3 of them...!

The Soviets have got a better T-26 model (which I know has changed previously) but we weren't completely happy with it so asked the designer to do a fresh base model to be used for T-26's and Vickers E's further down the line.

And finally we've got a single French release, with the AMC-35 ready to go.  This is essentially the same as the Belgian ACG-1 tank, so it'll be of use to a future Belgian range as well.

The revamped models are all in italics, new releases in regular font.

BRV14   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm gun, sand skirts   £3.00

BRV18   M4 Sherman, 105mm gun   £3.00

BRV21   M4A4 Sherman V, 75mm gun, camo   £3.00

BRV28   M4A1 Sherman, 75mm, back box, sand skirts   £3.00
BRV29   M4A4 Sherman, 75mm, field armour   £3.00
BRV30   M4A4 Sherman ‘Firefly’, 17pdr, field armour   £3.00

BRV56   M3 Stuart ‘Honey, mid turret   £2.80

BRV63   M31 Sherman ARV   £3.00

BRV65   Sexton SPG 25pdr   £3.00

BRV101   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, early turret   £2.80
BRV102   M3 Stuart ‘Honey’, late turret   £2.80

BRA14   25pdr field gun with crew, ammo trailer   £2.80
BRA15   25pdr field gun, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

BRA22   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, crew, ammo trailer   £2.80
BRA23   25pdr field gun, no muzzle brake, 8th Army crew, ammo trailer   £2.80

GRV22   Tiger 2, Henschel turret, with zimmerit   £3.50

GRV25   Panther A   £3.50
GRV26   Panther D   £3.50
GRV27   Panther G   £3.50
GRV28   Panther A, zimmerit   £3.50
GRV29   Panther D, camouflaged   £3.50

GRV31   Jagdpanther   £3.50

GRV109   Beobachtungspanzer Panther   £3.50

SVV1   T-26 S   £2.80

SVV24   TT-34 Engineer tank   £2.80

SVV38/SCV4   T-26 B   £2.80

FRE60   Renault AMC-35   £2.80

And some pics:

BRV18 - M4 Sherman, 105mm gun

BRV30 - M4A4 Sherman 'Firefly' 17pdr, field armour

GRV22 - Tiger 2, Henschel turret, with zimmerit

GRV27 - Panther G

SVV38 - T-26 B

FRE60 - AMC-35

We've got some more terrain items to come this week as well, so keep an eye out for those.