Sally 4th is pleased to announce that following on from our successful Normandy Kickstarter campaign we have now shipped pledges to all backers and our range of 28mm Normandy buildings are now on general retail release.

The range contains the following kits
301 – Pair of Mid Terrace Houses £30
302 – Pair of Left End Terrace Houses £30
303 – Pair of Right End Terrace Houses £30
304 – Detached Stone Built House £30
305 – Pair of ‘Corner’ Shops £45
306 – Church £65
307 – The House at Dead Mans Corner £35
308 – Courtyard with Iron Railings £6

There are also a number of accessory packs available including a choice of five styles of ruined roof and two type of optional ruined first floor.

All kits are constructed from sturdy 3mm Medite with detailed components cut from Mounting Board and 2mm MDF. All kits, apart from the Church, contain Perspex Glazing and the church kit contains ‘stained glass’ designs printed onto acetate. The models can be finished in the normal way by painting or texturing with plaster or pva and sand, however we do supply supply free PDF downloads of the interior and exterior photo-realistic cover sheets that we used on our examples to enable model makers to very quickly and easily complete their models in the same way. For those who like the idea of printed cover sheets but do not want to print them out themselves we have professionally printed cover sheets, printed on heavy weight matt paper available for between £2 and £5 a set.

All buildings include a removable first floor and roof to enable figures to be easily deployed inside the buildings. Dormer windows that are so characteristic of Normandy dominate the roofline.

The Terraced houses are designed as pairs of buildings together with outhouse, yard and walls on a 200mm square base.
The church has a removable roof and detailed interior and exterior cover sheets. It is supplied with three tower options. A pitched roof, which is very typical of Normandy churches, and a steeple and crenelated tower top are included in the kit so that it can also by used as a Norman church in Britain form 1066 onwards. These tower tops are removable to allow figures to be deployed in to this splendid sniper position.

Arguably the most iconic building in the range is the ‘House at Dead Mans Corner’. Based on the farmhouse on the road into Carentan, named by OC Easy Company, Capt Winters and now the US Airborne museum in Normandy.

The full range is available from Sally 4th and we welcome enquiries from any retailers interested in stocking the range.