Fighting 15s has in stock the latest releases in 1:600 scale (3mm) from Oddzial Osmy of Poland:

1:600 Moderns
SA-6111 PRP-3 & SNAR-10 artillery reconnaissance vehicle and ground surveillance radar
SA-6112 UR-67 & UR-77 mine-clearing vehicles
SA-6113 GMZ & PMZ-3/4 self-propelled and towed mine layers
MN-633 Bionix II Singaporean IFV
WP-610 PL-01 concept tank
FR-622 M.D.450 Ouragan jet-fighter
CH-611 ZSL-92 6×6 wheeled IFV armed with 25mm cannon

1:600 Science Fiction
PSF-627 Cyclops MBT, heavy hovercraft tank
PSF-628 Venators, heavy power-armoured infantry

All packs are £3.00 including VAT. All new releases are available in the New Arrivals section of the shop.