My aim is to make about 30* or so unique 6mm sci-fi character models and get them cast up for sale as single models.

By character models I mean figures that you would normally associate with role-playing games or bigger ‘scale’ games.

They are not going to be regular troops or infantry, but more the leaders and heroes, villains and sidekicks.

Doc from my Junker Insurgent range is an example of one such character model. (the guy in the picture)

I plan on doing a selection, from muscle bound heroes with swimming goggles, mercs with fancy armour, wandering hunters with sniper rifles, captains of ships with long coats (that may or may not be brown in colour), men in gas masks and bowler hats, to all sorts of types that would live in the Badlands.

If you are familiar with my KR 16 rules and the background that goes with it then you may have some idea of the feel I am going for.

Each model will eventually be available to purchase as a single figure, no more buying a pack of 50 troopers just to get that single one you like.

It is an ambitious project, which is why there is no deadline or cut off date, I am not using a site that puts constraints on the project.
But those that follow my 6mm size matters passion will, I hope, be confident that I will deliver a bad ass selection of 6mm sci-fi heroes and villains!