Fighting 15s has the latest re-released 20mm goodness from AB Figures

The re-release of the fantastically detailed 20mm World War II range from AB Figures continues with the first codes for the tank crews. The release comprises the following codes:

AB-TCA01 US tank crew Set 1, summer uniform (8 figures)
AB-TCA02 US tank crew Set 2, winter uniform (8 figures)
AB- TCB01 British Dingo crew, Europe (2 figures)
AB- TCB02 British Dingo crew, North Africa (2 figures)
AB-TCB03 British FOO and RAF liaison officer (2 figures)
AB-TCB04 British universal carrier crew (12 figures)
AB-TCF01 French tank crew 1940 (8 figures)
AB-TCG01 Panzertruppen 1939-40 (6 figures)
AB-TCG02 Panzertruppen 1940-43 side cap (6 half-figures)
AB-TCG03 Panzertruppen 1940-43 (6 figures)
AB-TCI01 Italian tank crew (6 figures)
AB-TCI02 Italian tank crew (6 half-figures)
AB-TCS01 Soviet tank crew, hatch variants (10 figures)
AB- TCS02 Soviet tank crew, 1941/43 (6 figures)
AB-TCS03 Soviet tank crew, winter dress (6 figures)
AB-TCS04 Soviet tank crew, seated variants (6 figures)
AB-TCS05 Soviet SU76 crew (6 figures)
AB-TCS06 Soviet GAZ jeep crew (3 figures)
AB-INR20 Soviet infantry tank riders (10 figures)

The codes are now in stock at Fighting 15s in the UK, although initial supplies are limited. All the codes are listed in our special New Arrivals section of the website.

Fighting 15s is the EU agent for Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures.