Another week and yes, another load of Thirty Years War flags released.   This time we are making available colours for the French

and Dutch armies.

You can find out all the details and order them if you click here.

With a breath of relief I am very pleased to be able to say that these four sheets mark the end of this particular project.   It’s been a mammoth undertaking but I am pretty confident in saying that Baccus now offers one of the most comprehensive, if not THE most comprehensive range of colours for the ECW and TYW available from anywhere in any scale.   Anyone gaming the period has can now choose from 23 flag sheets offering a total of 550 individual designs covering the English, Scots, Bavarian, Danish, Dutch, French, Imperialist, Protestant Union, Saxon and Swedish armies.   Also, at a cost of just over 7p per individual flag, it is certainly the cheapest.

All of the new designs have been produced in vector graphic format giving a wonderfully sharp and clear end product.

And with this lot behind me, I’d like to digress a little and say a few words about our flagsheet range.     When I produced my very first WSS figures back in the late 1990s I realised very quickly that hand painting flags in 6mm was going to be a bit tricky.   As a result I approached all of the companies who were producing flags at the time and asked if they would be interested in doing some 6mm versions.   None were.  In fact one respondent at the time stated that you would never sell enough of them to even consider wasting his time on such an undertaking.    So, it was down to me.  And this was the very first flag sheet that Baccus ever produced.

It's done great service in many armies ever since.

Since then, the offering has expanded a wee bit.    The Baccus range of flags covers from the Wars of the Roses to the 2nd Mahdist war.  There are a total of 123 separate sheets available representing something over 2500 individual flag designs.    From being the absolutely worst supported wargaming scale for flags, it is now arguably the best, and we aren’t finished yet as new ranges are planned.   All at an affordable price.    Yet another reason why 6mm gaming is increasing in popularity.

Baccus 6mm is not just about providing you with your little men.  It's about helping you present them in the best possible way.