Continuing this series of articles about the factions of Awakening: Recon, in this one we will cover the Consortium. After careful planning (a lot of Shower time) I decided that we had to have humans. Well, like it or not that’s us!! But I did not want just another human army… I wanted our first human army to be “special”.
This was the most complicated faction for us in terms of concept art. Every sketch we received was not quite hitting the mark. There was always something that was not right. It took 2 years to get from initial drawings to the final concept we wanted.
Below are some drawings of the evolution:

This evolution eventually got us here, with the help of Luís Filipe Gomes, Carlo’s cousin:
I was radiant with this concept, because like I told you before, I wanted Humans, but with a twist… Luís then presented the final colored drawing of the basic Consortium model:


Story wise, humans came from an ancient planet in a far solar system called Earth.
Earth was never found, and Humankind's birthplace was in the stars as far as the other races were concerned. They are adaptable to most environments, they are industrious in their endeavors, and they are the economic power behind the Consortium. Where most other races in the galaxy are united by their governmental system, Humans found solace in profit. They have owned most industries for as long as the Galaxy can remember, and their only goal is to generate more income. The Consortium is as close to a Nation as they could get. The various Corporations that comprise it do not openly compete against themselves. The scarcity of resources in the known planets led The Consortium to explore new worlds, and the Corporations each tried to stay out of the others way. But the greed of the Humans is often stronger than their bond as a species. No one knows exactly where the humans came from, but if there is profit somewhere to be made, rest assured that is where they are headed.

In terms of gameplay, Consortium is the shooting army for excellence. They will have a “standard army organization” where various shooting options are available. They will have a unique army composition and organization of “command points” that will give the Consortium player many strategic viable options to keep their adversaries at bay.

Finally, we’ll leave you with the work in progress of our first consortium unit model, made by our modeller Juan Castillo:

If you like, you can read a short story of the origins of the Consortium on our site.

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