“Life is an illusion… An ephemeral event and like all lies it must be put to an end! There is only IPSE” You have to love who talks like that.

The Ipse were imagined to be the game’s bad guys. Not just “Capone bad”, but really bad! The kind of people that just wanted the Universe to burn, kill all life, kick old ladies in the sidewalk kind of bad!

In game the Ipse will be an army composed by “elite like” units, where each unit is the best of the game is one specific role. This will make the construction of a balanced force of Ipse an interesting challenge to the player.

As for concept art and later 3D modelling, Carlos envisioned them in a “marshal/solemn” kind of models. Using high tech crystals to focus their technology. Several attempts were made in order to get to the final sketches of Ipse units that we liked, and below you can find our final version:

After this step, we proceeded to the 3D modelling of one of the Ipse units, making 5 different poses:

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