We've got a useful bunch of releases for the Blitzkrieg Commander players next, with some tokens and templates now available for use in your games!

First up we've got a selection of dice: The D6 Weather dice can be used with the Weather Optional Rule and provide Sun, Overcast, Rain, Snow, Lightning and Fog. We'd suggest using Sun and Overcast as 'Good' weather, Rain and Fog as 'Poor' weather maybe, leaving Snow and Lightning for 'Extreme' weather conditions? The Deviation dice come as a pair, with one containing an arrow and a number, the other being a regular D6 spot dice. The D8 Compass dice can also be used for deviation, as well as in some of the deployment rules.

Secondly we've got some markers for both Suppressed and Deployed. These have been designed as handy doughnut shapes so that they can be hung over gun barrels or placed over the top of an infantry figure.

Next up are a pair of templates, one for the Restricted firing arcs and the other for showing your front, flank and rear aspects during firing and close assault actions. These are both around 100mm diameter with a 50mm internal space to fit around your BKC bases.

And finally we've got some templates for all of your off-table attacks: The Artillery support get either a 20cm circle concentration or 20cm square barrage template, while the Air Support get either a 30x10cm ground attack or 30cm circular bomber template.

We'll be looking at some more tokens/markers for release later in the year, but let us know if there's any particular gaming aids that you'd like to see.

Blitzkrieg Commander IV
Templates & Tokens
BKC-D6-WEA D6 Weather Dice (x2) £1.50
BKC-D6-DEV D6 Deviation Dice / regular D6 pair £1.50
BKC-D8-COM D8 Compass Dice (x2) £1.50

BKC-TT-SUP Suppressed markers (10) £6.00
BKC-TT-DEP Deployed markers (10) £6.00

BKC-TT-ARC Restricted Arc template £3.00
BKC-TT-FFR Front, Flank & Rear template £3.00

BKC-TT-20C 20cm circular Artillery concentration template £6.00
BKC-TT-20S 20cm square Artillery barrage template £6.00
BKC-TT-30R 30x10cm Air Support ground attack template £6.00
BKC-TT-30C 30cm circular Air Support bomber template £6.00

And the pics of course:

Next up we'll have the release of our 1809 Napoleonic expansion so keep an eye out for that!