Friday, November 27 through Monday, November 30, get free shipping on any order over $ 50.00 which includes at least three standard packs of the following Plank Road codes:

PRM30C – Iron Brigade Command
PRM30 – Iron Brigade Marching
PRM31 – Iron Brigade Fighting

Just for Good Measure we will throw in a few Cracker Line codes as well:

ACWFR1 – Infantry Marching in Frock Coats and Slouch Hats
ACWFR2 – Infantry Firing in Frock Coats and Slouch Hats
ACWFR3 – Command in Frock Coats and Slouch Hats

So while your significant other is out shopping at the jam-packed malls, you could be headed to our site to grab some 10mm goodies. Good Ground hopes to make your long Thanksgiving holiday weekend a bit better.