Only SEVEN days until Blast-Tastic! is go!

Blast-Tastic! is a trial show I am doing where the only sort of games are sci-fi games and the only traders are those that sell sci-fi models.

I want to create a show where everyone is into the genre on display. I find that with most shows there is very little in the way of sci-fi goodness, this makes me sad as this is all I play.

I have encountered some snobbishness from historical gamers too when it comes to sci-fi, silly comments like ‘pretend’ and not ‘real’, which seems a little odd given we are just playing toy soldiers at the end of the day.

So, Blast-Tastic! Is a sci-fi themed show with sci-fi games and sci-fi traders, the only show where PEW PEW PEW noises are mandatory!

Angel Barracks.
Size Matters!