Kometenmelodie is rich in fossil fuels.
(If you feel this is not exotic enough you can swap that for twoddlanium)

BPI are a growing presence on the planet especially in the Liao River Valley area.
However, not all fuel extraction is done by them.
Many smaller outfits are making their fortune in the selling of natural resources.
They use small but effective and easy to maintain drilling rigs as shown below.

It has ladders at the back and a groovy little control panel on the platform at the top.
The motor uses sci-fi bluelight spinny engine technology to power it.

Here is Drilling Station B5, which is owned by a small group of private individuals, the principal owner being a Mr Cosh.

However, the evil SWYS Corporation has doubled the price of the Drilling Rig and it is no longer possible to ship it to Kometenmelodie.
As such when the current stock is exhausted there will be no more.
Place your order now to avoid disappointment, there are only 6 left.