Cheers, Ivan here with good news.

After much blood, sweat and tears, Five Parsecs From Home is now available. If you grew up playing games like Laserburn, Necromunda and Traveller, this is for you.

Take a rag tag band of adventurers (with a random character generator that the beta testers have really liked) and follow their adventures as they travel, get into trouble and take on odd jobs at the fringes of human space.

This is a fully fledged campaign with random events, various missions, the chance to make friends (and enemies), random enemy generation and all the works. You can play pitched battles as well, using the new scifi weapons and gadgets to stat up your own troops.

All you need is a handful of scifi figures and you are good to go. Get some of those old figures off the shelves that you never get to put in an army.

Do note that you need a copy of either FiveCore or Five Men in Normandy to use these rules.