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    Dang it, I missed a day’s post!

    Greetings, all, and welcome to my piece de resistance! You simply cannot do Market-Garden without having British Airborne based to fight in the dilapidated, bombed-out streets of Arnhem and ‘Der Hexenkessel!’ Ugh, hope I don’t sound too snobbish, just joking around, and making the point that I’ve wanted to have this force ever since I was little kid watching “A Bridge Too Far.” Well, now I’ve got it! And how did I get it? Well, most of the figures came to me painted off a gentleman on Ebay, but they weren’t based the way I wanted them, so I ripped them off their bases and did them myself, doing my best to mimic what my buddy AJ had already done on my Soviets and Germans.

    So here are my best efforts to replicate Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins, I mean General Urquhart and Colonel Frost, please take a look.

    The entire force, consisting of:
    -One Officer Commanding (OC) stand
    -One Second in Charge (2iC) stand
    -Five Rifle Platoons (of three sections, a Platoon Commander -PC-, and a PIAT team, each)
    -One MG Platoon (Four Vickers and a PC)
    -One Mortar Platon (Three 3″ tubes and a PC)
    -One Anti-Tank Gun (ATG) Platoon (two 6-pdr guns and a PC)
    -One Artillery Platoon (two 75mm pack howitzers and a PC)
    -A Forward Observer Officer (FOO) stand
    -Two ‘extra’ command stands
    -A Flamethrower stand

    The OC Stand, all Battlefront metals painted by the Ebay guy. And they’re really beautiful, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ How is my basing? I worry that I didn’t cover as much area with brick as AJ did, but I’m pretty happy with my gray drybrush efforts.

    A closeup of one of the rifle stands.

    And a Vickers MG.

    A 6-pdr ATG.

    And look at that Platoon Commander, blowing his horn!

    To see a whole bunch more pictures, please check the blog at:

    I hope you like them, I absolutely love them, and can’t wait to get into some scraps with them. But I need an opponent, right? And I assure you that opponent is not the greatcoated Germans you saw in the last post; I’m currently working on some SS troops in urban basing (boo, hiss, yes, I know they’re evil, but that’s who I want to face off against in Arnhem, and I’ve got another surprise in store: I’m doing some 82nd Airborne Yanks for Hunner Park and its immediate environs in Nijmegen. Yeah, I’ve definitely gone too far, but that also means I’ve gone too far to stop!

    More to come!


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