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    I completed my Ostrogoth army for Impetus/Sword and Spear this week – and joined The Wargames Website.  I have never been a prolific poster on any forum but I want to “put my pics where my mouth is” and show some support for the new forum. Good luck.

    The minis are an eclectic bunch mostly acquired as “bargains”. While I have built an army nominally as Ostrogoths they will do service in other dark age armies – my command base looks very Arthurian …

    Ostrogoth Command

    Life and death Struggle on the plains.

    Ostrogoth Combat

    Hun mercenaries


    Charging Goths

    Charging Goths

    More Charging Goths

    Byzantine deserters

    Byzantine deserters

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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    My whoring and daubing:

    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Very nice ‘diorama’ style bases.


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    Neil ScottNeil Scott

    Very nice, love the work you’ve done on the bases

    Double six! I need a double six

    Phil Robinson

    Splendid stuff, a great mix of figures imaginatively based. Really like the one with the poor chap being run down by the Huns.

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    Very nice ‘diorama’ style bases.


    Indeed, very sweet!


    Very impressive. I love the mix of figures and the basing. I wish I had the courage to use Impetus basing.

    The fourth picture down has a Sassanid figure, is that Essex?


    Thanks everyone. I like diorama bases because my figures usually spend more time in the cabinet than on the table! I like seeing the”massed ranks” other can put on a table but I have enough trouble painting the 5 – 7 I put on a big base …

    Huber – yes it is a Sassanid figure but made by Eureka miniatures as part of their small Dark age range. The Ostrogoths negotiated with the Sassanids during the Gothic war to open a new front against Justinian so maybe this is a Sassanid “advisor”.

    Simon Miller

    Lovely work!   Great basing, too.

    Northern MonkeyNorthern Monkey

    really nice, I particularly like the command unit.

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    Nice work! Those are beautiful.

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