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    Making a series were I follow the “intro campaign” for Cliffs over Dover Blitz,  called Cliffs over Dover.

    You fly as a new pilot during the battle of Brtian, starting on August 10th 1940.


    In the first mission our airfield is attacked by Dornier Do 17s.

    We take off as it’s getting bombed.  Looking to make sure a few get back home.

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    Looked like you did a victory roll there as you overshot it.
    Wht didn’t you drop landing gear?


    When you emergency land in a field you don’t know anything about, you belly land.

    1. You stop quicker,  so less chance of rolling into trees and buildings.

    2. Landing with gears down in the wrong type of field (plowed, soggy, soft, rocky etc) can have rather deadly consequences. Better to total the aircraft then do a flip, land on your head and catch fire. (I had hopped the plane could be salvageable,  but I hit the bushes)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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