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    A short and simple demo and test game about the “War of the League” (last years of the French Wars of Religion, in Brittany in the 1590s) played last Saturday at “Ferrer en Jeux” a local gaming festival in Rennes. It was a first game about this period, with about 30 miniatures or so, divided in 4 small factions.

    Three players, one “Ligueur” (Catholic League, allied with Spain and which happened to attract famous brigands in its ranks), one “Royalist” (supporter of new king Henri IV), one “English” (allied with the French Royalists) and a GM (who at the beginning of game controls the Spaniards).

    The inn is occupied by some Spaniards.

    A small group of soldiers, some carrying bags and small chests, appears at the other end of the table. They are Ligueurs who have pillaged some village and want to join with they Spanish allies at the inn. They must avoid being catched by the Royalists and English.

    The main road to the inn:

    A few Royalists on the hill:

    A group of Englishmen on the small plain:

    The Ligueurs are well ahead of their pursuivers, but near a dense hedgerow they hear a drum and shouts. It’s an ambush …by three local Royalists only, amongst whom a young lady who shoots a hunting crossbow at short range …but misses.

    However the Ligueurs are delayed, English arrows fly near them, and the two best runners of the English party come close (the two characters behind the group, near the field gate).

    The League officer (green scarf) is wounded in this short fight and cannot run any more. He kills some of his enemies but dies.

    The crossbow lady and the English pursue the surviving Ligueurs.

    A local woman on the road. The English officer talks to her, asking for information. The player asks a few questions to the GM with an English accent, pretending not to speak French fluently… but he won’t receive any info from this woman anyway: the GM answers him in Breton.

    The Spaniards at the inn (still run by the GM) have heard fireshots and prepare to fight. A monk is loading a small cannon (but he only has enough black powder for one shot; there’s more in one of the chests carried by the Ligueurs).

    The first group of Royalists, which didn’t take part in action yet, is now advancing towards the dike. The three surviving Ligueurs, still carrying a heavy bag and two chests, decide to avoid them. They know that a shallop is hidden on the bank (their foes didn’t know this).

    The three Ligueurs join their Spanish allies at the inn.
    Their player then takes control of the Spaniards too.

    The Royalists and English are not discouraged, and attack from two sides.

    No quarter ! Everyone wants to fight till death… and it’s almost what happens.

    The Spaniards win (and keep the small treasure stolen by their Ligueurs allies, who all died in the last fight).

    Olé ! The three surviving Spanish soldiers and the village girls celebrate their victory in the inn, while the monk stays alone to pray near his cannon.


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