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    I attended Briscon on Saturday & even bravely entered the rugby scrum they laughingly called the Bring & Buy.

    Amidst mountains of fantasy stuff, I spied a packet containing 3 scratch built barbed wire tanglements for only $3. Bargain!

    I had a closer look on Sunday. They were a bit dire. The bases were some horrible, warped thin plastic, the poles not really high enough & the wire rather awfully twisted. So I set to, pulling the wire off & neatly winding it, rebuilt the poles using bamboo skewers, cut out some MDF bases which were bevelled, gritted, undercoated & then 3 colour flocked after I’d hot glued the poles on & re-strung the wire. Really only 3-4 hours work.

    They look great. If I was to re-sell, I’d get at least $6 for them.  Bargain!




    Henh. I almost always repaint figures that I buy second-hand.  ‘I’ll just give them a little touch-up.’ Yeah, you betcha. At least I get the figures base-coated, and motivation to (re)finish them. Fun is where you find it, right?

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    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    Only four hours and you have a capital gain of $3?

    Elon Musk had better watch out!


    Whilst I was trying to be funny with my nevertheless true story, it does point out the real value of our figures etc.

    Time spent painting & modelling: often lengthy. Emotional value: high. Economic value: often a lot less than we expect.



    Very true. Probably applies to a lot of hobbies, I suspect!

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