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    Avatar photoHayes Wauford

    If a unit takes a casualty you tip the figure over and roll first aid check at beginning of next turn assuming a healthy figure in unit. I take this to be correct.

    What happens to the tipped over casualty for the rest of the current turn? If his unit moves does he move? Does this have to be tactical move or less? Does he have to be dragged/assisted by someone healthy? He does not count for fire or defense dice as soon as becoming a casualty correct?

    What happens if the whole unit becomes casualties? Do they stay tipped until someone healthy comes over of if that doesn’t happen before the next first aid phase are the eliminated?


    I may have more questions as it regards casualties but these are the primary ones for now. I am having a hard time fully understanding the state they are in during the turn they are hit.


    Avatar photodirk bracke

    Look at the rules for dependents on how your unit reacts. When the unit gets casualties later on we allocate those to the remaining standing figures – but I’m not certain if this is the intent of the rules.

    I also thought that someone had to come into cohesion range in order to help them make a casualty check. They stay in place, can’t react to anything (they only get defensive dice when fired upon) and become prisoners of war if contacted by enemy forces.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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