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    I’m struggling to find  any pictures of the Crusader OP tank. IIRC they were command tanks in the Crusader AA troops. They will be hard to tell from a regular Crusader except for the likely fittings of additional aerials & mapboards etc (and that they’re present in NW Europe!).


    This isn’t one, but it’s a great photo nonetheless if anyone wants to troop the colours in a tank. From: http://www.militarymodelling.com/forums/postings.asp?th=118449&p=1


    … and  here’s something even more obscure…

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    There is no photo, but “British & American Tanks of WWII” by Chamberlain & Ellis says “vehicles modified with dummy gun and extra radio and communications equipment for artillery and senior officer’s use after Crusaders had been withdrawn from first line service”.  Nothing there you didn’t already know I guess.

    Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.

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