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    Following the last RPG I did some time ago. I decided to bring back Major McCallum and team for anther adventure. Season 2  “The Genesis Findings” saw the discovery of a transwarp gate on Mars built by an unknown alien race. This gate linked up with an identical gate on a new plant called Proxima B. A planet very similar to Earth and this gave an almost immediate travel link between the two plants. Major McCallum and his RDF (Regional Defence Force) team. Were tasked to guard the gate on Proxima B. Except the gate’s makers, a technically advanced race called PHR Post Human Race showed up to reclaim their ancient tech. They barely survived the encounter. Now a new corporation has taken over the running of Proxima B and with it. The transwarp gate tech.

    This RPG is based on the iconic video game. With some of the classic demons from the game represented in various miniatures by a mixed bag from my lead pile collection. So should give you a clue as to what the story is about and what’s going to happen.  However, I’ve added my own twists and adaptations. It mainly leans on the Doom 2016 remake as opposed to the others in the franchise.



    Proxima B – UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) Lazarus base.

    UAC Chairman Samuel Hayden leans forward in his chair. To take a closer look at the drone imagery on his screen. It seemed that was life! What appeared to be a large humanoid type being. With smaller beings following it. It was hard to make out with the intense heat causing over exposure of the image. He was amazed the drone was still active at all. Since all the others have been lost. The harsh environment making all types of operations difficult.



    “Well, what do you think? I think it’s time to mount our first manned expedition”. Says Dr Oliver Pierce. UAC Director and head of the Lazarus project. She continues.

    “I already have a team standing by. Geologists, archaeologists and we will take a full complement UAC security personnel. We can run a few expeditions while we continue with accumulating Argent”.

    “Very well I sanction it. Project Lazarus is a go! But remember don’t get side tracked and deviant from our main purpose here Doctor. That’s developing transwarp wormhole technology. Not archaeology and studying new life on unknown planets” Replies Hayden.

    To be continued……….

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    One Year Later………


    Proxima B – RDF Control Lazarus base.

    Lt Col Raine looks across at the top secret Lazarus labs. From his position in the tower of the small RDF base control centre. The UAC took control of the transwarp gate over a year ago and now have been running multiple tests and studies into it. What they were exactly doing was unknown, but Raine didn’t care. His job was to guard the base and boost the UAC security. He turns to the duty controller.

    .“Has Major McCallum found that scientist yet?”

    “We’ve still got a good fix on this position. He and his team should be there soon” says the RDF controller. He continues. “Why don’t the UAC send one of their own to look for their missing scientist?”

    “Major McCallum volunteered. He wanted to get out and stretch his legs”.


    Somewhere in the outer lands

    McCallum’s Raven comes in low over the terrain. Mainly because the pilot wants a closer look at the fallen mech from a long forgotten battle.The huge metal monster still lay rotting where it had fallen. Inside the RDF team of 5 bobbed about with the flight. They all stretched their necks to get a look at the scenery.

    “Was that one of the last category class 5’s Mechs?” Asks Staff Sergeant Woods. The teams tech guy and the only other member to of been with McCallum during The Genesis Findings.

    “Yeah, it was brought here from Earth to stop the last PHR invasion. They failed”. Says Corporal Dyke, the newest member of McCallum’s team.

    “Vehicle located, its our scientist and where ever he’s going he’s in a huge hurry”. Says Annie the RDF pilot. “I’ll get him on the comms, channel open”.

    “This is Major McCallum, RDF. You are ordered to stop your vehicle immediately”

    No response.  McCallum said again and still the same.

    “Trooper Meila, disable our target” orders McCallum.

    “Yes sir”. She loads an EMP round into her guass luncher and fires out of the aircraft.

    It was a direct hit and the vehicle soon stops dead. The Raven quickly lands and the team of 5 waste no time in exiting the vehicle.


    “Where are you going?” Shouts McCallum throwing his arms in the air as he sees the scientist emerge from the stolen APC looking vexed.  “There’s nothing out here, why didn’t you stop?”

    “I’M NOT GOING BACK” cries the scientist. “You don’t know what she’s doing? She needs to be stopped” and with that he raises a high power assault rifle and fires!

    Fortunately, he wasn’t very proficient in the use of small arms. The shots go all over the place. Sending the team flying to the ground for cover. The magazine soon runs dry and the last member of the squad Trooper Faux returns fire. The less lethal round hits the scientist, sending him reeling backwards.

    “Nice” Says Woods. “That’ll have him sleeping like a baby”.

    The team quickly secure the weapon and the stunned scientist.

    “Load him in the casualty bay and let’s go”. Says McCallum

    Less then a minute into the flight Annie picks up something on the scanner. Some sort of energy wave. Before she could do anything it hits the dropship. Unknown to the occupants the wave had dissipated in strength due to range. But minor damage is sustained.

    “What was that? Some sort of weapon?……I’m reading multiple warnings on my HUD. But the aircraft is flying okay”. Says Annie.

    “Can we safely make the base?” Asks McCallum .

    Annie just shrugs as she continues to assess the damage.

    “ Alright there’s an engineering outpost on the way. We will put down there and get them to check us over before we continue on to the base”. Orders McCallum .

    Annie nods as she makes a small course correction.

    The team all settle down for the trip to the outpost. Both Troopers Faux and Meila yawn in unison and Dyke closes his eyes.

    “Oh, well that’s that bit of excitement over” Says Woods. “I suppose it’ll soon be back to the monotony of sitting around in the rec room again”.

    “Don’t knock it Woods……” Says McCallum.

    “It won’t be long before all hell breaks loose I expect!”

    To be continued…….

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    Chapter one

    The Lazarus Wave Aftermath – Outpost Alpha 7

    Engineer team leader, M.K.Keelar, personal log – Outpost Beta Alpha 7

    “I don’t know how I survived, but it’s bad….I….I’m in a bad way…..It was some sort of Wave and when it hit, victims underwent dramatic changes to their physiology both internally and externally. Aside from fundamentally changing the composition of their internal organs, the high intensity plasma wave was strong enough to fuse metal to skin. In many cases, personal items such as watches and jewelry burned through the skin and became permanently embedded in the victim.

    Perhaps the most unfortunate victims of this fusing event were us engineers……..I just hope the anti matter generators are okay…..If they lose containment……..Hopefully help will come soon. As yet I haven’t been able to reach the Lazarus base for assistance.”

    Message ends………..

    The team’s Raven lands on the upper most landing pad and the team make a quick exit. It soon becomes apparent that things aren’t as they should be. Visible damage to some builds and a lack of personal made McCallum suspicious. He orders Annie to watch the still unconscious scientist as the rest of the team split in two to start an organised search.

    “That’s big “D”. Says Woods. Looking at the big yellow sky hauler. “But where’s Al?”

    “Al?” Asks Faux.

    “He’s the pilot, good mate of mine” says Woods.

    They splinter off and Mila and Faux take the first building. The room was dark but Mila could easy make out the pipes and various electric items. Some sort of utility out building. Also the interior had sustain minor damage somehow. Then suddenly out of the darkness a figure came at Faux. All he saw was the huge wrench that come at him. He ducked as the wrench bounced off a metal pipe with a clang. Then another swing, this time the wrench smashed a computer console.

    “RDF! Stop! Stop!” Cried Faux, but no response from the assailant as another blow was aimed at Faux’s head. He reached down for his pistol as in the confines of the room he couldn’t bring his Heckler-Enfield assault rifle to bear. Then a shot rang out. The figure groaned and staggered back into the gloomy interior. They came again! This time four more shots rang out from Mila’s pistol.

    “This man shouldn’t been alive let a long walking around”. Says McCallum  as he examines the body. The pistol rounds all found their mark centre of the chest. Which made quite a lot of damage. But the rest of the dead engineer showed bad injuries all over.


    Woods and Dyke take the warehouse area. The area seemed clear then both men heard what appeared to be a high pitch screaming. Then it appeared….a flaming great face that seemed to hover and fly. At first it ignored the soldiers and continued in a calm and gentle fashion. It flew past then it changed, it seemed of sensed them. Turning aggressive and aggravated, it charged right at them. Dyke wasted no time in responding to the threat. He clicked off the safety to his minigun and fired! The face exploded in a hail of shot.

    “What the hell was that!” Said Woods

    “No idea, that’s get back” relied Dyke

    Both were on their way back when a figure steps out of the MHU and open fires.

    “Have some of that…bloody zombies!” Cries Big Al.

    “We’re not zombies!” Shouts Woods.

    “Woods is you? Thank god. Now what’s going on?” Says Big Al.

    “Thought you could tell me”.

    As the team regroups on the lower Landing Pad. They hear more screaming, more movement.

    “Oh no, there’s more” Says Dyke.

    With that they soon sight what appears to be more flaming faces and more possessed personal.

    To be continued…….




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    Oooh makes me want to watch Aliens and Doom.

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