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    What is your favourite model?
    It need not be the best painted, or anything like that, just the one you like most..

    Mr. Average

    Even though it took forever to base them, and only at the end did I realize that I hated the basing scheme anyway, this is still my favorite model.  Well, model GROUP, but largely all the same single model TYPE.


    I guess it’s the guy in the upper left corner:

    The one running and waving excitedly. It’s a Peter Pig Wars of the Roses figure in 15mm. We use it as a bustling and always a bit over the top commander. I just love the pose – it certainly is the figure we have had the most fun with, stories just develop naturally…

    Angel Barracks

    it certainly is the figure we have had the most fun with, stories just develop naturally…

    What is his name then?


    Cool! What is his name then?

    Sir Egbert Wynkeworth


    76.2mm L51 ZIS3 DP Divisional Gun. A light gun that has a useful anti armour direct fire punch – what’s not to like!

    Plus, in sentimental terms, this battery was painted by my mate Steve, who emigrated to the Atlantic coast of Canada around the same time I emigrated to the Pacific coast of Australia, so its not likely that we’ll be gaming together anytime soon…

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    I have so many models figures, tanks or vehicles that dependent on what period I am into, that drift in an out of favour.  That was a hard request Mike, took some pondering.

    So I settled for a building that I build the other year from scraps of model railway bits.  I use it from 1740 – 1945 periods 20mm scale but it does not look out of place with 28mm figures.

    You can see it in action on this over on this forum.



    Anyone else?

    Ivan Sorensen

    I don’t have him anymore 🙁

    It was a chaos lord I had converted by taking an old Space Wolf sergeant ( this guy, but painted far more crap
    http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics7/img417d1bb046e72.jpg )

    I snipped off the power fist and attached the power claw from the old chaos dreadnoughts. It looked wicked and for a job done as a 17 year old (or thereabouts), it came out pretty well.
    That guy lead my chaos armies for years.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I agree with Mr. Average: the 3mm Boris is really f&*king cool, especially en masse. Here are some of mine:

    Here they are advancing with infantry and walker support:

    What I love about it is that it just LOOKS like a piece of futuristic Soviet-style kit: cheap and cheerful and built in the thousands.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Possibly this beastie…

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    Because I can.


    My favorite is the Space Marine labeled “Brother Reeves” in this picture. I always liked the pose, one of the few Space Marines that actually appears to be aiming his weapon.

    William Jones

    Gone now, and by an unknown manufacturer, from the late seventies or early eighties would be my guess.  A lean, stooped, muscular hobgoblin with a topknot, wearing a mish mash of rags, fur and mail.  He holds a heavy machete like cleaver in his right hand, and in his left has a standard with a skull on top, and a crossbar with two horsetails or scalps on the ends.  I painted him up with a grey-green skin, and he was wondrously gnarly.

    Northern Monkey

    Cosmotiger – Brother Reeves was the veteran sgt in my marine army for years – great choice

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Mike Harrop

    My favourite is Dorothy “ACE” McShane from Crooked Dice, quite a recent addition to my collection but I love the pose.

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    Lagartija Mike

    A million years ago, in the well-thumbed pages of The Dragon magazine, an ad for..I think..a Ral Partha miniature of a hooded Nazgûloid wraith mounted on a huge hairless dog. My eight year old self couldn’t afford it and my parents looked at it with the kind of undisguised disgust that guaranteed a no-sale.

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