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    Avatar photoagent pumpkin

    So I played my first game of Infamy 2/Snip! on Friday. Just a simple solo engagement of Romans vs Gauls.  What a great game!

    The Romans had an early upperhand, but the Legionaries got distracted in a tough fight with the Gaul warriors. Allowing the Noble cavalry to get behind them. Not a good idea! Also the Romans made some other easy mistakes. Like going toe to toe with fervoured warriors while still in open order and letting the Auxiliaries chase enemy skirmishers around and leave the flank/rear open.

    Much fun.

    I love how the rules are different enough from Sharp Practice 2, but retain some core elements. Fervour is an especially good mechanic. Ambush Points are also very nice and add an extra level. Also love the Roman drill, if you remember to use it! Right from the start the Barbarians feel so different from the Romans to play. Very clever mechanics.


    For fantasy fans I can see no reason why this would not work with a little adjust and using similar “different” forces. Orcs as Barbarians and Elves as Romans for example.


    All in all an excellent game, cant wait to play more!

    Avatar photoStuart Surridge

    As luck would have it…


    Great set of rules and as you say a couple of tweaks 🙂

    Those damned ambush points.



    Avatar photoagent pumpkin

    Excellent, I’ll take a look.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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