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    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Having a clear out of all the stuff I won’t be using.
    I was going to take it to Bring and buy at Derby, But have found out it’s not on. So listing it here. I’m not a fan of the Royal Mail, so realistically if you want any of this stuff, you’re either going to be at the Derby/Donnington show (on the Saturday) or live in Newcastle/NE UK area. Packing and posting just adds complexity and cost.


    20mm WW2. Various manufacturers. I’ve calculated price for the infantry at 2/3 bare metal prices, it’s actually a bit less as I’ve rounded down. The vehicles I’ve taken £2 to £3 off the bare metal price.
    The photo comment refers to the images in the for sale section of my photobucket library. Apart from the SYW Figures, the figures were all bought in the nineties, so they may not be the same as current castings. (shows how long the curse of bare metal can last, but mainly because I lost interest in ww2) The items should match up to the photo titles.
    A: Late war SS pzgren. SHQ Figures. (photos german 1 thru 4) 60+ figures. £30
    B: “Late” war Soviets. FAA figures. (photos russian 1 thru 4) 60+ figures. Infantry and naval infantry. £30
    C: Panther A, SHQ. £10
    D: Stuh 105mm. Skytrex. £7
    E: Grille 150mm. Brittania. £5

    F: Marder 75mm SPAT. Brittania £5
    G: Sd 251 (late) 75mm SPG. Brittania £5
    H: SD251/1d x4, SD 251/d Engineer x1. SHQ. (5 vehicles, no photo, partial build on 3 of the kits) £35
    I: Pz IVH. Skytrex. Basecoated. £8
    J: 2x Pz 3, Plastic Revell/Matchbox (can’t remember if they had become Revell kits when I bought these. £10 the pair.
    K: RSO 75mm SPAT, (Manufacturer forgotten) £5 the pair.
    L: R35, Skytrex. captured version used by Germans. Need to replace the back turret hatch. £5
    M: H35, Skytrex, captured version used by Germans. Need to replace back turret hatch. £5
    N: 2 x 75mm IG. (manufacturer unknown) £3 the pair.
    O: 37mm AA, (manufacturer possibly skytrex) £4
    P: Short PAK 40 on PAK 38 carriage. (FAA) £4
    J: SYW, Old glory 15mm, British and Legion Brittanique. £10 per pack, 2/3 of bare metal prices. The British infantry have had all the odd and ends removed (i.e. wounded, hatless etc) and made back up to 50 figure bags. Includes command figures. The grenadiers have been sorted out into 50 figure bags instead of being left in with the Line inf. If anyone wants the lot and can use the odds and ends let me know and I’ll throw them in.
    4 Line Infantry packs
    2 Grenadier packs
    2 Cavalry packs
    1 Artillery pack
    Legion Brittanique pack.

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson



    Q: Late war german infantry FAA. 98 figures. includes cross of iron pack. Selling this one at cheaper figure rate. There is enough variety to form a platoon and if you can pick up some more lmg’s then you could probably get two. £35


    R: German paras. SHQ. 84 figures. includes engineers, 81mm mortar, 60mm mortar, HMG and 28mm at gun. £40


    S: Russian T70. Skytrex. £5


    T: Captured russian 76mm, rebored to german 75mm. FAA. £4


    U: Pz 2 Luchs. Can’t remember maker, but I know it was one of more of a model maker than a wargame company.. 20mm cannon barrel missing. £5


    V: Scratch built german Navy ship. Modelled on an F lighter. Needs gun replacing. there were 3 on the bridge deck. Marks show where they were. £5


    There will be one more item put up, late war ss infantry, SHQ. Just need to find where I stored them 🙂

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Just realized I only have a limited time to edit these posts, so I can’t go with my preferred option of marking things off if anyone wants them. So to save this thread potentially getting confused. Message me if you want something or have a question and I’ll update.




    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson



    For the seven years war. slight change in bags. should be

    4 Line Infantry bags (50 Inf)

    1 Grenadier bag (50 Inf)

    1 mixed Line/Grenadier bag (50 Inf)

    2 Cavalry Bags (ea 16 fcav)

    1 Artillery Bag (6 guns)

    Avatar photopiers brand


    Be interested in these;

    B: “Late” war Soviets. FAA figures. (photos russian 1 thru 4) 60+ figures. Infantry and naval infantry. £30

    But im in Ireland so would have to be posted!

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hey Piers,


    I was just about to get Mike to take the post down post Derby.


    Getting involved with post and paypal was something I didn’t want to get into. But I’ve done a very rough calc. Based on Royal mail website and Paypal fees which I am going to have to check. Because for some reason the Royal Mail website is quoting me a p and p price above what manufacturers seem to charge. It’s quoting me £12,  approx 15 euros.


    Let me package them up and get a quote from the post office before  figuring out if it’s going to be worth it. I would rather they went to someone who wants to game with them rather than for them to sell on.



    Avatar photopiers brand

    If you could get a postage quote that would be great Andy.

    Certainly get used in my house! 🙂

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    no probs, will be making it to the post office either thursday or friday. so will let you know.

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hi Piers.


    Post office just quoted £10.15 to send, That’s track and sign. 3 to 5 days. So call it £40.


    But you will still have to add on the paypal charges. You’ed have to look at what Paypal were calculating those at. As far as I can see, they are working at 5 or 6 %. based on standard and currency conversion fees.


    See why I wasn’t (aren’t)  a paypal/post office fan 🙂


    Avatar photopiers brand

    Yes… I can see why! 🙂

    Let me take another look at the pic and get back to ya.

    Avatar photopiers brand

    Hi Andy,

    I shall have to pass… funds not up to it!

    But you may want to post them on The Guild;


    Its my 20mm WW2 forum and FAA are always very sought after there, especially at a good price like you have them for.

    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hey Piers,


    No worries. What I am going to do is wait until York in Feb and grab a table.


    *************Closing the listing down************************************ (Until I can see if Mike can remove it)

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