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    Avatar photoAnother Wargamer

    Anyone else gaming during the holidays?  I have a game scheduled with some friends.  Congo.  Best Christmas present ever: quality time with the family plus gaming at the same time.  For the future, I’m considering a holiday game with a Santa figure and an army of elves.  I’ll have to research if anything is out there of that nature.  This past Halloween, we did SAGA with the Revenants army.  It was a blast.

    Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays to everyone on TWW.

    Avatar photoMartinR

    We’ve got a club games day on the 28th, otherwise it is just the usual round of entertaining family and recovering afterwards. I’m going to put on Phil Sabins version of a Clausewitzian Napoleonic battle. Kartenspiel.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    Got a game on Boxing day with friends while there is a whole bunch of families at one of the friend’s house.  Don’t know what is is yet – it is likely to be something simple like X-wing (last year was Wings of War) or King of Tokyo.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Haven’t had a chance so far. But some day, mark my words, I’ll get around to doing a small “magical childlike fantasy” 28mm project inspired by Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, etc, which would be kind of pseudo-Christmas-themed. I’m already collecting figures for it.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    There’s always this, for Warmaster:

    Weihnachtsmann Army


    An army that has Carol Singers instead of Magic Users, a Present Lobber catapult and the Ghost of Christmas … What’s not to like? 🙂

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    Avatar photoAnother Wargamer

    I’m glad to hear that others are getting some game time as well.   Thanks for all the Christmas related gaming idea.

    MartinR.  Phil Sabins version of Clausenwitzian Napoleonic battle.  Kartenspiel.  I will look into it for next year.  I have fantasy Napoleonic miniatures from Alternative Armies (Slaughterloo) and a decent collection size too.

    Shaun Travers.  There’s quite a number of X-Wing players in my area, but I could not venture into X-Wing due to having too many distractions already.  I just get to look on with envy when I see the X-Wing group play.  Aah….  Shaun, I’m sure you’ll have a blast at your friend no matter what you end up playing.

    Rhoderic.  Harry Potter pseudo-Christmas theme sounds interesting.  I hope you will create a WIP for this project when you are ready to put it all together.  The kids loved the Harry Potter series growing up.

    Mike Headden.  Wow!  Fantastic link.  Definitely “What’s not to like?”  Thank you.

    Thanks everyone for your replies.  Keep on having fun and best wishes to you all this new year.


    Avatar photoRuarigh

    No gaming for me. Once day I’ll put on The Great International Christmas Pudding Hunt using Tusk, but this year it’s family on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then straight back to work immediately after.

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    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Nothing until Thursday most likely due to family visits etc and recovering from a nasty pre-Xmas cold.

    Avatar photoshelldrake

    I managed to play some board games on Chirstmas with the Mrs. I might play a solo game of something today though.

    Avatar photoDM

    No games planned but the annual “odds and sods” painting and modelling fiesta is underway where I finish off odd projects that have been sitting on the painting table or in boxes for longer than they should have done. Currently finishing off my 15mm Eastern Front collection and finally sorting out a terrain mat that isn’t just plain white, a few medieval cogs, some ancient galleys and adapting the wings from a Shapeways 1/144 Felixstowe to replace those on my Skytrex model. I’m sure other candidates will appear in the next few days

    Avatar photoFat Wally

    My son and I are playing ACW tomorrow; the assault on Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg, using Pickett’s Charge.  🙂

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    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    So, Boxing Day nearly finished and we go in a 6 player Thunderbirds Are Go – a great co-op game and first time for us all.  We lost, but it is a very tense and exciting boardgame.  We then relaxed with a 4 player Wings of War.  And now home to get some rest!

    Avatar photoAnother Wargamer

    Ruarigh Dale.  What exactly is “The Great International Christmas Pudding Hunt”, especially with tusks?

    Steve Johnson.  Hope you get well soon from your cold.

    Shelldrake.  How can you say boardgames and not list what you’ve played.  What a teaser!  My family and I play boardgames weekly.

    DM.  Painting and modeling fiesta sounds fun too, but a bit scary for me as I’m reminded of the number of “things I would like to do” list.  You’re a brave soul.  Keep up the good work.

    Fat Wally.  My son and I game together as well and although he wins most of the time, we still have fun.  Well, most of the time.  I’m getting a bit tired of his bloody Normans in SAGA.  I’m an American, but for some reason, I’m not interested in gaming ACW.  We enjoy AWI though.

    Shaun Travers.  Never heard of “Thunderbirds Are Go”.   You definitely did some gaming this holiday!  Good to hear the boardgame was exciting and Wings of War was relaxing.  Thanks for the follow up.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    It is actually called Thunderbirds – it came out last year.  I do not have it but a friend got it months ago but never played it.  Boadgamegeek link:


    The players are the International Rescue Tracey brothers (and Lady Penelope) racing around in the Thunderbirds trying to resolve disasters happening around the globe.  But it soon gets hard to allocate your resources to put them all out and it becomes a bit of a race of trying to reduce disasters and stop the bad guys before you just run out time.   I had read quite a few positive reviews on this game over the last few months and so was keen to play.  It did not disappoint. All 6 of us want to play it again, and we only seem to play together once a year at Boxing Day.  So we may actually get organised and get together a few times this year for some more games.


    Avatar photoRuarigh

    Ruarigh Dale. What exactly is “The Great International Christmas Pudding Hunt”, especially with tusks?

    Tusk is a set of mammoth/dinosaur hunting rules. I got my copies from Irregular Miniatures.

    The Great International Christmas Pudding Hunt is a scenario I thought of inspired by this episode of the Goon Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN8_g5-dxSU

    It revolves around hunting feral Christmas Puddings while avoiding the eruptions of the brandy sauce volcano. I’ve had it in mind for years but never got around to sorting it out.

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    Avatar photoMike

    TUSK is actually not that bad at all, especially with the sci-fi upgrade!


    Avatar photoAnother Wargamer

    Shaun Travers.  Thank you for the link about Thunderbirds.  I’ll check it out at my FLGS the next time I stop in.  The last game I acquired was Scythe and unfortunately, we haven’t got around to playing it yet.   Miniatures get top priority.

    Ruarigh Dale.  Thanks for the explanation.  Not knowing that Tusk is a minaitures rule, when you said “The Great International Christmas Pudding Hunt with Tusks”, I was envisioning an Easter Egg hunt, but using pudding treats with a plastic/miniature tusk inside.  Needless to say, my teeth ached at the thought.  I’m so glad you clarified it.  Much better as a miniatures game, but lava brandy sauce sounds yummy.

    Mike.  Thanks for another recommendation for TUSK.  I’ll definitely have to look into it now.

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