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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    What was the last new historical period you started on?

    (defined as “bought minis for an army” I suppose)

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Hmm? Probably Khmelnitsky’s war against the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth (10mm Pendraken.  A bit stuck at the moment as I am expecting a massive Russian intervention at some stage and I am contemplating compromises on the Muscovy figure front.

    I also wonder if it counts? I first started this in 28mm (Essex figures? Hinchliffe? long time ago c 198? <5).

    Also started it in 15mm c 1990?

    No idea where the first lot went. Probably in a locker somewhere on HMG estate – or as they have knocked down most of the places I was in, a rubbish tip. I hope that when they emptied wherever they were, somebody decided to take them and play with them or give them to some kids.

    Sold most if not all the 15mm in the 2000s having had them turn up in a delivery from a storage company and forgotten what on earth I was doing with them.

    I wonder if I will live long enough to sell the 10mm, start it in 6mm, sell them and end up in 2mm  or maybe reverse direction and go to 54mm?

    I wish you hadn’t asked.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    The Balkan Wars of 1912-1913. Album showing my armies on parade is here.

    I finished these in 2019 so that I could fight the battles from Konstantinos’s scenario book for these conflicts.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    I’ve just got into Gangs of Rome 2 – the living room is awash with lead, plastic, resin and mdf. Not to mention scenics of various sorts.

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    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Latest purchases were WW2 naval (1/3000th) but I do have 3mm WW2 land forces, so not really a new period.

    Before that it was various 10mm forces from N. Africa and around the Indian Ocean from around the very early European colonial era. early 16C – mid 17C. They are being painted at the moment.


    Avatar photoAdmiralHawke

    My newest (to me) period is the Great War, having  bought 1/3000 British and German fleets.

    I only have miniatures for four or five periods: fleets for American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars, fleets and armies for the Napoleonic Wars, fleets for the Great War and fleets and armies for the Second World War. To be clear, it’s not that I can’t count. 😉 I use the same fleets for both the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars as the peace was only 10 years.

    I just about manage to resist the tempation of the Punic Wars, the Wars of the Roses, the Sengoku Jidai and the Franco-Prussian War, each of which tempts me to start yet another project.  🙂

    Avatar photoOlaf Meys

    Colonials- British for Afghanistan in 28mm, and their Afghan opponents.

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    Avatar photoPunkrabbitt

    We bought a handful of American War Of Independence figures at a gaming convention recently. We’re not sure which rules we’ll use for 10 models on a side, but we’ll get there.

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    Technically my ongoing 28mm  15th century west european  collection is painted for a fantasy setting (Mark Smylie,s Known World) , but figures are all historicals (Perry and Old Glory War of the Roses ranges). Historicals used for Historical period was 28mm 17th Century for Liber Militum Tercios. Built a Parliamentary Force during Lockdown but had to give it up for the transatlanitc move.

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    WSS/Jacobite Rebellions I think answers the ‘spirit’ of your post; by the strict definition it would be ACW and Hoplite-era Greece though.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    WW2 20mm desert – got me some Italian and Australians a few years ago.  But not expecting to work on them much for the next few years, but you never know.

    Avatar photoTony S

    Well, I had intended to start on a 15mm Napoleonic Saxon contingent to fight with the French at Wagram, and against them in 1807, enough to play decent games in Soldiers of Napoleon, LaSalle or Glory is Fleeting.

    But the a few of us at the Club have decided to embark on a campaign (very simple, so we actually stand a chance of finishing it) set in the mid to late 400s.  Late Romans versus Late Romans (“I’m the Emperor, and so’s my wife”) versus various rude hairy types.  As Victrix just came out with their new Dark Ages boxes of Saxons, I figured I’d switch from Saxons in bicornes to Saxons in spangenhelm.

    Avatar photoMartinR

    I’ve finally got around to doing 20mm Achaemeneid Persians. I blame the Alexander the Great Netflix series. As they have Horse Archers, I also did the Parthians, who also have Horse Archers.

    Carrhae beckons. Poor Crassus.

    I never bothered with the Persians before as the pain of painting so many irregular troops, on horses, vastly outweighed their game utility. But they have actually been quite fun to do, and the Parthian cataphracts are just hilarious.. Tanks with horse legs.


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    Avatar photobobm

    Late 17th early 18th century Imagi-nations in 10mm (Pendraken).  New period and new scale…also new rules created to suit.

    I just couldn’t face painting any more 28mm medievals and LOA starter packs popped up with a 30% discount…that’s all it took.

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    Avatar photowarwell

    Started 6th century Byzantines in 2022, but that died out quickly. Since then I’ve given up miniatures for homemade counters. Essentially, I’m creating and playing homebrew board games.

    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    What was the last new historical period you started on? (defined as “bought minis for an army” I suppose)

    For the past few years (a decade or two but who’s counting?) I have been picking up SYW 15mm Minifigs when I see them on eBay in the theory that I will one day do something with them.  So far not a single one has been painted. I’m not sure that still qualifies as starting a new historical period but it is the closest I have come.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Bought a bunch of 3mm Romans and barbarians to play some Gaul/Germanic wars, but it has since devolved into a quasi-low-fantasy thing.

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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Started 6th century Byzantines in 2022, but that died out quickly. Since then I’ve given up miniatures for homemade counters. Essentially, I’m creating and playing homebrew board games.

    How is that working out for you?

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Many years ago I played Crossfire with a guy who had made a huge pile of armies by downloading photos of various troops and tanks, printing them out, putting them on stiff card and laminating them. They were basically board game pieces but for minis gaming.

    Avatar photowarwell

    Whirlwind, it’s working fantastic!

    I realized that I hate painting miniatures but I don’t mind making counters or tokens on a computer.

    I ended up making a bunch of generic counters, printing them on labels, and sticking them on Litko bases. Here is an example of a quickie game using my blue vs. navy blue armies.

    Generic counters

    Given that I am a period butterfly, I love the generic counters. For example, the blue army could be Napoleonic French, Washington’s Continental Army, ACW Union, etc. It frees up a lot of time because I don’t have make multiple armies. And as a solo gamer, my opponent doesn’t complain about it.

    Now I just need to create some counters with individual figures on them for skirmish gaming.

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