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    This is really really cool, someone far my talented then me, has made a FAC(forward air controller) script for DCS, the basics of it, are you can make flights of helicopters and planes attack a specific place by using smoke rockets.

    I made this mission, buy adding flights of F100s, F105, A4s (all 3 mods), and Huey with weapons. I then make sure the info I made in the mission(number and type of weapons) as well las name of the flights match those in the text document, I then upload the text document using the trigger feature in the mission editor.

    I then jump in my new OV-10 Bronco(also a mod) and some FAC’ing around. I also made a trigger so when I fly over an enemy unit, I get green smoke, I can then call in the flight, what weapons to use, how much of the weapons, and the direction of the attack, I then have to fire a smoke rocket at the enemy and the AI will attack the smoke I put down.

    Let’s just say there are a lot of wasted bombs in the mission, as the AI attacks MY smoke, not the enemy, and I can’t hit crap with my rockets. The last Thud tho, with 3 2000lb does a very nice attack.

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    Very nice. Is there a way to pick which smoke AI go for?
    How difficult is it to spot enemies without the green smoke trigger. Looks perfect for multiplayer.

    “They’re infantry so they’re definitely dead!”
    “they’re not dead, they’re not dead”

    love that moment

    I did someting similar way back in Operation Flashpoint. I flew an OH-58 while my friend had the bombtruck. The way we did was I’ll pop one smoke in one color and then another on the opposite side of the target in a different color and tell him to make a run between those two points. Sometimes I’ll tell him to start from one color to another because he couldn’t tell what’s already dead. The enemy would move and I’ll have to eventually add another smoke. Fun stuff.


    They attack the smoke you place down after contacting them. I don’t think they can attack more than one smoke at a time.

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    I love this concept!  And that is a hell of a good model of the OV-10, you can really see why it was so good at FACing and observation.

    I did someting similar way back in Operation Flashpoint.

      I recently did the same with the ARMA 3 Prairie Fire.  Zipped around in a LOACH (OH-6) dropping smokes for guys in Cobras and F-100s and F-4 to drop on.  Got murdered by a quad 23mm a couple of times, but it was a real hoot!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    The the OV10 is awesome.

    All these planes used a free to add to the game, the F100 and F105 needs the flaming cliffs F15 to fly. But I don’t think you need to own the F15 to use it as AI asset.

    The OV10 and Skyhawk doesn’t need any bought planes to work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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