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    Liber Militum: Tercios
    Does anyone know if the Liber Militum: Tercios rules are supported by anyone, new to the system very nicely produced and a great game. Looks like there has been no activity for a few years now but have a couple of questions.


    We are actively playing them here at Istanbul/Constantinople. My lockdown project is a 28mm New Model Army. A new edition is in the works, The company webpage is now this https://terciosminiatures.com/

    Avatar photonigel Tullett

    Thanks – I am using for ECW, Dutch Spanish wars and now I have adapted for the Italian wars! When you say new edition any more info? The system is great, not complex and gives real feel for period. I visited the Facebook page seems no activity for last 4 years…….Shame.


    Hı Nıgel. One of our group members was one of the original playtesters. They are working I think mostly on new army lists. They consulted with us on Ottoman Turks, and I know they are changing the Polish lists to include modern cavalry options.  Remember the creator is Spanish (And at the Azores at that), so most of the playtesting for the new edition and news are in Spanish. My view. Stick to the game. There are material to use to pimp it up. For example I am using the Peferct Captain’s Battlefinder to generate scenario maps and for a minor campaign. Or you can adapt Sam Mustafa’s Blucher campaign rules. i.e while it is great to have an active support system, please stick to it and use the many free resources out there to ignite your gaming mojo.


    If you have any rule questions, feel free to ask and I can collect and email them to my friend.


    With Respect


    Avatar photonigel Tullett

    Good show, thanks.

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