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    It is with significant pleasure that I can report, just scraping in before the Partizan deadline, Manoeuvre Group have released their Issue 2!

    This is not a new edition, but an update after 14 years. (Those of you computer-inclined may consider this more like an extensive free patch update.)

    There are a few new features, but the main change is that it has been extensively clarified, reformatted and general readability significantly improved. (For which I have personally had a lot of hands in!)

    Existing customers at Wargames Vault should hopefully have been notified via email that this new version is available, but for everyone else, here’s the link!

    Anyone interested in having a look, there’s also the free QR sheet here.


    Among the additions are Virtual Troopers (first added in some of the MG Army Lists), allowing an improved level of granularity for infantry close assaults; new rules in the command structure to allow platoons of less than three units for very small games or small reconnaissance elements; the addition of a new Slow Transit movement mode that functions as a bridge between Fast and Transit modes; and optional rules for Runners for the very advanced players.


    This time around, I had a hand in it, serving as editor/proofer so that the rules have been vastly improved in clarity, formatting (and consistent formatting!) (In large part, back-applying what I’d learned having had Dad go through Accelerate and Attack before its release a few years ago, since we’ve all learned a lot in 14 years.)

    The sample army stat blocks have been completely overhauled from the original’s… Frankly awful standard (and that is 100% my insistence!), which are now much more readable and useable (and posh!) and now cover 40 pages of the 160 instead of being crammed into just 10!


    The free sci-fi expansion rules will be along in due course, when I get chance to do the major job of likewise updating all the stat blocks to the new standard, but as I’ve noted before, the free beta version is available here.


    It is also with some relief to get this out, since this has been a hell of a week – we’ve had workmen in doing the hall stairs and landing, which is stress enough (with the current climate, we had to take what we get and they need a bit of supervision….) and then I’ve had problems with Royal Mail getting stuff posted out, on top of my own convention prep for the weekend. In the end, Dad charged me with crossing the last t’s and dotting the i’s, finishing the cover and doing the upload so we got it out in time (probably as well, since it took a lot of wrestling and fiddling and pagination checks and then having to try three different doc to pdf options before I found one that stopped omitting some of the table lines on the stat blocks…).

    And to cap it all, while I was trying to do that, we had problem with Virgin Media saying “oh, yeah, we’re scrapping the old telephones, so you just plug everything into the hub.” The hub? The one in the front room connected to the telly that’s nowhere near the phone line? The modem? What? So Dad had to field that and make them send us out an engineer. So between us, we’ve spent more time chasing people than anything else…

    Avatar photoAotrs Commander

    Just a quick note: MG Issue 2 has had a minor update to v2.01, co-inciding with the release of Maneouvre Group Sci-Fi. This is a few typos, one clarification and generally things I spotted while working on the sci-fi expansion. Current owners should have gotten an update notification with the change log.

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