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    Been too long since I did a DCS video and even longer since I did an F-16 video. So for fun, I put myself in a 1 vs 6 fight against MiG21s, F16 with all the high tech stuff, vs MiG21 at a big disadvantage(R-60 missiles and down low)

    A bit of dumb luck saw me saved, as I missed a with a couple of AIM-9X, but one MiG21 was so kind to crash into a TV antenna or something, and the last one got hit with some 20mm (after too many misses)

    No real rime or reason for this except a silly power fantasy.

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    I like the cutting to exterior views, especially from the target’s perspective. Would like to see more external while F-16 is dodging, maybe from mig’s perspective. It might look pretty cinematic.

    Have you flown F-15 much? F-15 vs 5 Mig-29 or fly as one of the Mig-21s vs the F-16?


    that’s actually a good idea, both the external shots from the mig and flying one of the migs from.

    I haven’t flown the F15 at all. I do have it, but it’s one of those older moduals brought over from an earlier game. So I don’t have much interest in it. A full fidelity F15E is coming soon (TM)  so might get it(I’m really waiting for the Corsair and F4)  the Strike eagle is of course less nimble than the C model. And far less nimble than the F16.

    It’s a, bomb truck, that can carry like 30 000lb of fuel(vs 12 000lb for the F16)

    From the recently released vidoes of it. It does have a powerful radar. Able to lock enemy fighters at 80nm. But it uses the same 90s AMRAAMs as the F16 and F18, so won’t be able to fire on the enemy before it’s within 40ish nm)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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