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    Mr. Average

    A little something I’m tooling around with at the blistering pace of one 3mm-scale figure every couple of weeks or so.  But with my rediscovery of Command Horizon (the original Command Horizon, not the compromised second draft), this occurred to me as an interesting way to use stuff I already had (minis, hex bases) to do something new (a new force for a game I haven’t played in a long time).

    Here we have a unit of the New Anglian Lift Regiment, a grav armor formation from ENSPUN (an alliance of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and others), operating on Mars during the First Upheaval.  The New Anglian Lift is from the UK, and has seen a lot of action, both during the First Upheaval and earlier, at the Argentine Moons and in Central America during the Rainforest War.


    Beautiful stuff! Are those minis a bit taller than the other stuff the company produces?

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    Mr. Average

    A bit – they feel streamlined.  In absolute terms, they’re probably more like 2mm scale than “true” 3mm scale, like Vanguard makes, which might affect your perception of them.  And Team Falchion (which I assume you’re referring to) is unusually low-profile for the line, since they’re single-piece casts.


    3mm you say? Wow. Those are lovely. Is Command Horizon still going? I’ve heard nothing about it in ages.

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    Dan Kennedy

    Brilliant stuff!

    I’m really glad someone is still playing the old version of Command Horizon; I utterly LOVE those rules, had loads of fun with them in pre-parenthood days.

    Mr. Average

    Yeah I haven’t seen what EMP did with a Command Horizon but from what I hear the answer is “not much.” It became a somewhat more conventional 6mm game under their watch, and has seen little movement in the last year or so. I may not be giving them their due, naturally, but I’m not terribly enthused to pay £10 to find out when the version I already like is free.

    That said, it’s more a draft than a full game, and I’ve been tinkering a bit already, adding in some rules from Grav Armor and such to give some units a little more flavor. Particle Beams, Lasers and Gauss Rifles, for example, have replaced the “guns” vs “beams,” which seemed a little too similar to me. I’ve also added movement modes like tracks and hovers, to make the battlefield a little more interesting. We’ll see how it turns out. It’s just me playing, so who cares?


    The red marking looks good on the camo.

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    Mr. Average

    Thanks! I was originally going to give each battalion its own distinctive unit color flash but the red looked so vibrant I’m thinking of just making that a typical color! I credit Reaper “Clear Color” for really bringing out the vibrance of bright chroma colors like reds, golds, blues and greens at this scale. It helps define the unit turrets if I’m otherwise using camouflage schemes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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