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    The latest post from my father-in-law about his time in Korea can be found here.

    And a grisly discovery.

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    That is another great bit of story/history.  Makes me wonder if the corpses were indeed Japanese if the event occurred because they were caught out visiting a village or if it was at/after the surrender.  Bummer that it is forever unsolved.  Also really interesting about the guerrillas in the hills.  Most likely not natives, but infiltrators?

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    Thanks for the story. I’m also intrugued by the guerrilas. The island is huge and a single battalion must feel mightly lonely.
    I don’t quite understand one thing about the Moose patrol though, is it just S. Korean troops or Americans as well that went AWOL?

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    My father-in-law replies:

    The Moose Patrol  objective  was to round up all  US  troops who were AWOL. Not only our unit but from any unit on base.


    In our situation it is important to keep unit integrity at all times in case of a POW break out.  US troops were the leaders, all  key men and our attached  ROK’s  were also needed as ammo bearers  and heavy lifters.  Also VD was  a big problem.


    Didn’t matter how I personally felt about this job, I was working on orders from the very top. All lower ranking officers, below Captain,  took their turn doing this job.



    It's never too late to have a happy childhood

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