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    Avatar photoCraig Austin


    Just a reminder that it’s Reveille this Sunday 26/11/23.

    Usual venue – Downend Folk House, Lincombe Barn, Overndale Rd, Downend, Bristol BS16 2RW.

    Doors open to the public 10.00 – 16.00.

    Usual mix of great traders & games plus our renowned refreshments!

    Please note there isn’t a B&B stand at the show.





    Avatar photowillz

    Sadly unable to make it again this year, family stuff.  Have a great day Graig and share any photos you have time to take.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Do you have a list of games that will be on show Craig? A check of the club website only listed traders…

    Avatar photoCraig Austin

    Hi Steve,

    here is the currant list copied from our draft programme. Fewer games than usual but some big ones.

    The Gustavus  Adolphus game is a condensed version of the one Steve Jones pit on at Salute earlier this year & I believe it literally is Gustavus’ last ride before the game is broken up!

    Games / Displays
    A Model Display – International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) Avon
    B Never Mind the Ruckus 28mm Medieval Skirmish – Mike Peter
    C 54mm French & Indian Wars – Skirmish Wargames
    D 28mm 1930s Gangsters – The Major Brothers
    E 6mm WW2 – Quickfire Games
    F 28mm Gustavus Adolphus at the Battle of Lutzen – The Warre Game
    G 28mm 1746 Jacobite Rebellion – DOGs of War


    Avatar photoCraig Austin

    Willz, shame you can’t make it, thanks for your comments & I will try to get some pics.


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Thanks for the info Craig. Still not sure I can make it as recovering from a bad cold, but hope to do so!

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Good day out at Reveille on Sunday.

    Saw quite a few old lags  acquaintances which was nice  – missed Steve J if he was there – sorry Steve. Saw Roger Calderbank in passing but we were both heading somewhere with intent and I’m not sure he recognised me – not surprising – I think the last time we saw each was the last ever Penarth before Covid! .

    I saw the Death Ride of Gustavus Adolphus by Steve Jones at last and whilst I am not always a fan of large 28mm games for the sake of it I am more than happy to say this was superb and worth every spasm in his vertebrae and trip to the optician he suffered in painting so many beautiful figures.

    I’ve been moderately obsessed with the Thirty Years Wars since A levels and I’ve collected armies in 25mm, 15mm, and 6mm before deciding I hated all the rules and selling them off. I then thought I’d write my own rules and started collecting 10mm Pendraken for them. These, and the obsession survived my decision I too was doing it all wrong in the rules stakes, and then I found Twilight of Divine Right which I like a lot.

    Now if I’d seen Steve’s superb set up before all that I might have gone for the madness of nearly 1,000 28mm cavalry figs and be living in a tent. As it is I have well over 1,000 10mm figs and am resistant enough to the siren call of these exquisite miniatures (I think).  Besides I can put a large 10mm TYW battle on a table in what passes for my study/library/junk store, whereas those 880 cavalry represent one small piece of Lutzen:  Piccolomini’s regt against the Smaland Regt, and I’d need the whole house for the rest of the battle!

    Steve was as gracious in person as he is in print and as erudite. I believe this may be the last time the game will be at a show but have a look at the various online displays and you get a feel of the scale and the genius of the idea. A brilliant addition to the show – not sure why it was tucked away in a back room beyond the stairs though?

    The Rapid Fire Reloaded table looked good and seemed to be playing well and I resisted financial excursions into 28mm Western Gunfights and 10mm Vietnam real estate (the latter may have been a mistake on reflection).

    No pics – sorry – forgot my camera and while not a luddite I refuse to have a ‘Smart’ phone – they really are out to get you!

    Thanks to Lincombe Barn club for another great day out.

    [On a sad note. I found out that Adrian Stone, who I only used to see at Penarth and Bristol each year passed away in February. I shall miss him.]


    Avatar photoOotKust


    Avatar photoCraig Austin


    Thank you for your nice report on the show.
    Sorry we only exchanged a brief ‘hi’ – it was quite busy at times


    Avatar photoRoger Calderbank

    Guy, I am sorry I missed you on Sunday. I hope my thoughts were on the games I’d seen rather than the prospect of a lamburger for lunch. Reveille is good, but the Penarth show is sorely missed.

    I agree the ‘Gustavus’ game was impressive. Like you, I admired the dedication to produce all those figures, and the resulting game, but know it isn’t something I could attempt. My impression was that the rules being used provided interesting options at that scale – not just move the elements and roll dice, but not a skirmish either.

    I’ve struggled with 30YW rules and I’m glad you have found that ‘Twilight..’ work for you. Somehow, they didn’t gell for me but that is probably my lack of understanding. I’m currently using Baroque or For King and Parliament for 30YW, but I recall you said you didn’t like grid-based games. The way Swedish Brigades behave always seem to be a problem. At least Steve avoided that by concentrating on a clash of horse. Have you been to Lutzen? It is a very flat battlefield, so a wargame table reproduces it well!

    I can only hoe I’ll be more observant next time we’re both at a show, and we have time to chat. Best wishes


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