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    Avatar photoquidveritas

    Help me out a little here.  I have never played SAGA.

    That said, I will go along to get along sometimes.

    I have a mess of Romans (early imperial) and Gauls.

    Is there any way I can put together a passable Saga Army with these troops?

    JFWIW, sounds like they are limiting troops to those found in “official” rules and supplements.



    Avatar photoMark Lewis

    Well Saga is a dark ages game so I wouldn’t expect to be able to play against a dark ages army with your Romans or Celts. However, you could certainly play Romans vs Celts using Saga, either using a home -made (whether by you or somebody else) battle board, or choosing the battle board and troop selections from the Saga army that best matches each army. For example you could use the Viking battle board for Celts and the Scots battle board for Romans.

    There is a section on the Studio Tomahawk forum for discussion of new factions, and players have contributed their own designed battle boards. There is one for Celts, but not EIR I think.


    Avatar photoquidveritas

    I was hoping the Gauls might work for Irish or Welsh ???

    Avatar photoDerek H

    It all depends how fussy you are.  Saga is a rather abstract game with a slight historical flavour.

    If you’re happy using Celts as Welsh and your opponent is also happy then you’re sorted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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