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    Frequently weak writing and too much re-creation of the universe.  I still enjoy it, as the casting and characters work better for me than any of the next Gen/Voyager/DS9 series.  If they had stopped trying to reinvent the Star Trek universe, I think they would have done better with the Trekkies, at least the ones I know.

    I think it is the most interesting of the series after TOS, as the time frame and limitations of/to the ship offer great potential for stories.  I watched it hit and miss, when it came out, but have been watching it in recent months straight through.  I’m two seasons into it.

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    It is my favourite of all the Star Trek series.

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    It’s my favourite Trek series too, closely followed by DS9 (a Babylon 5 rip off but done miles better) I can’t stand the new movies, though Prelude to Axanar looks exciting



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    The first two seasons were chock full of situations that were caused and aggravated by both the crew and the alien of the week being aggressively stupid, the temporal cold war plot went no-where, the style of the show felt like a retread and Voyager’s retreading of TNG and was generally a waste a of potential. They didn’t even bother to change up the combat scenes and how they played out and simply replaced reading off shield strength percentages with hull plating. Despite shifting to a century before the original series, the scope for making things interesting and new at the basic levels was just ignored like the translator character.

    Basically, it didn’t have the guts to do anything new and didn’t have the quality at the top to push stories and characters that were any good. Until about season 3 then 4. Ok, TNG, Voyager and DS9 all had a weak first two seasons (TNG with the outright worst opening especially compared to the peaks of quality it achieved), but fans were not willing to sit through that again until it got good. Which it did with season 4. Which was too late. Lets not forget just how bad those opening seasons were though. This is a show that started off with episodes resolved by such plot devices as remembering that planets are big, the chief engineer was straight up unable to the kind of math absolutely required of his position and was generally a complete idiot, a captain constantly causing diplomatic incidents through being boneheaded (including seriously compromising the security operations of their greatest ally with nout but a slap on the wrist in response) and never even showing any sign that he’s supposed to be fallible in spite of all this. Oh and the worst ‘we love the prime directive even though it doesn’t exist’ tale ever.

    Plus the A and B plots often didn’t mesh well at all, such as the otherwise good episode where they’re being attacked by an unstoppable alien ship being this tense and interesting affair with a subplot about trying to find out what kind of cake the security chief would like.


    Yes, the other show (especially TNG) had their fair share of being beaten with the stupid stick, but again, many long time fans were dead tired of the same old, same old, especially after DS9 had shown it was possible to do something different.

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    My problems were the fact it felt like the writers never watched any other star trek or paid attention to any canon events.

    Where were the primitive nuclear weapons?

    Why did they have phasers? Or tricorders?

    Why do we see the romulans?

    Why are we still at peace with the klingons?

    What also didn’t help was the whole chunk of early warp travel where what seem like hundreds of intrepid explorers go blindy out into the galaxy leaving their books behind, creating scenarios like a piece of the action or Friendship One?

    Nope, just the only ship in the quadrant managing to get into more space battles than more gung ho Kirk did.

    To model the effect of Nuclear weapons on the wargaming table, apply jerry can of fuel to board, light match and stand well back.

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