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    … and should land in SoA member’s postboxes in the next few days!  Here is the cover picture, together with a list of the contents and a short summary of each article, or go to the SoA news page.  (If you aren’t already a member of The Society of Ancients , you can read about and join the society here.)

    Slingshot 343 cover

    Hah! Let my opponents tremble for I have with me my red die of doom, my blue dice of despair, my green dice of decay and my black dice of death!


    The view from the editor’s chair.

    Slingshot contributions advice

    What it says on the can.  So now we have one less excuse for avoiding writing that article we always meant to submit.  (Yes, I’m looking in the mirror too.)

    The Society’s online forum

    Some encouraging words to persuade you to dip in a toe, in case you haven’t been there yet.

    The SOA 2022 Championship result by Peter Barham

    Read all abaht it!  A round up of the 2022 SOA Wargames Championship. 168 games played by 52 members in 5 different countries and deploying, with the inevitable varying success, 197 different armies.  Read it and weep, Caesar.

    Still Wargaming in Lockdown by Gordon Garrad

    Yes, OK, it’s a period piece but hey, that’s ancient wargaming.  And anyway there’s the added bonus of some thoughts about Mortem et Gloriam.  What’s not to like?

    Hiccups for Hoplites by David Kay

    And here we have an article that offers “a few potential solutions to your more serious problems of fighting with hoplites”.  Oh yes! Sign me up.

    Invitation to take part in the SOA 2023 Ruleset Survey (and a chance to win some dice!)

    Ask yourself, can you afford to be without your “(insert colour) dice of (insert fate of unwary opponent)”?

    Deus Vult Ruleset Review (Part 1) by Mark Wilson

    That rare beast, a fairly detailed (two page) review of a ruleset by someone who has actually played some games with it.

    Interview with Mark Backhouse by Gordon Garrad

    Mark has been a frequent contributor to Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine and has recently become a published rules author. His “Strength and Honour” rules (which were reviewed in Issue 342) focus on the wars of the late Roman Republic and Early Empire at very large scale, so that players control armies representing tens of thousands of warriors.

    DBx – DB’Wildered by Gordon Lawrence

    An article that starts with a quote from Les Dawson* and continues as it begins.

    *You probably have to be a Brit of a certain age to really appreciate the Les Dawson reference but the article itself is a much more cosmopolitan piece.  Honestly.

    Home Grown Rules by David Kay

    Way, way back many centuries ago long before three, and then four, letter acronyms were assigned to Ancient Wargames Rules, most wargamers created their own rules.  This is a fascinating glimpse into that odyssey.

    The 2nd Battle of Mantineia (SOA Battle Day Pack) by Duncan Head

    The subject of this year’s SOA Battle Day, the second battle of Mantineia was fought in the Peloponnesian district of Arkadia between a Spartan-led coalition and a Theban-led coalition in 362 BC.  This article recapitulates a talk which Duncan gave at the Society conference in October 2022 and will be of use to anyone with an interest in the battle of the war as well as providing the “battle pack” for the day for those who may be attending the Battle Day itself.

    Slingshot Book & Game Reviews 

    Including reviews of:

    • SAGA (2022), rules review by Ken Butt
    • Test of Honour, rules review by Steven Neate
    • Thracians and Dacians, book review by Denis GreyVenetian War of 1487, book review by Duncan Head
    • Ancient Battle Formations, book review by Andreas Johansson
    • The Galatians, book review by Stephen Brennan
    Avatar photoDave Hollin

    excellent edition 🙂

    Slingshot Editor, The Society of Ancients

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