Good Ground is off to Fall In this week. Please drop by Saturday for our Fredericksburg game. We are running th game with our friends from Fire & Fury Games to try out the playtest version of the New Fire & Fury Brigade Level rules due out next year. Be the first to experience the new rules at Fall In on Saturday.

To mark the ocassion Good Ground has commissioned an Irish Brigade Character set with 8 figures. They are already available on the site.

We also will have the following new items for sale:

Berdan's Sharpshooters character set of seven figures.
Repeaters – four US infantry with Colts, Henrys or Spencers.
Confederate Snipers and Sharpshooters with Scoped Enfields.

Don't forget our new Zoauve Regiment Packs which will also be available along with our great line of Between the Lines buildings and the excellent Buildings in Turmoil line from John Mayer, which will be featured in our game and for sale at booth 58.

We'll see ya'll in the Fall…..Fall In that is!